The Manatee High School Alumni Association is honored to administer these scholarship funds and will be happy to assist in establishing additional scholarships for Manatee High School seniors.

Jeannie McMullen Parrish

December 2, 1918 - November 3, 2014

The Jeanne M. Parrish Scholarship Fund was established to help talented and promising students who display a desire to continue their education and are struggling with the financial aspect of accomplishing their goal.   Financial need, desire to better themselves and academic ability are the main criteria for the scholarship.  

E. James "Jim" Forssell

May 10, 1933 - December 25, 2012

The E. James Forssell Music Scholarship Fund was established in 1993 to help outstanding MHS music students who plan to pursue the study of music in college.

As a teacher, Jim's primary objective was to instill a love of music & this scholarship will, hopefully, help someone become a teacher of music  

The Manatee High School Alumni Association

is Honored to Present the 2019 recipients of 

The E. James Forssell and the

Jeanne McMullen. Parrish

Scholorship Funds.  

E. James Forssell Scholarship Fund

Fredric Brown - State College of Florida

Jeanne McMullen Parrish Scholarship Fund

Sara Filips - Florida State University

Benjamin Lages - Florida State University

McKenna Longo - Florida Gulf Coast University

Alexis Ludwig - Florida Gulf Coast University 

John Vita President    

Rich Morris Vice President    

Linda Boone Secretary    

Carolyn Keller Treasurer  - Communications   

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