The Manatee High School Alumni Association is honored to administer the following scholarship funds and will be happy to assist in establishing additional scholarships for Manatee High School seniors. Scholarship application forms are available in the College and Career Center at Manatee High School or by contacting us at 

Manatee High Alumni $1,500.00 Medical Scholarship will be awarded to deserving students striving to continue their education in the field of medicine.   

The Jeanne M. Parrish $1,000.00 Scholarship was established to help talented and promising students who display a desire to continue their education and are struggling with the financial aspect of accomplishing their goal.   Financial need, desire to better themselves and academic ability are the main criteria for the scholarship.  

The E. James Forssell $1,000.00 Music Scholarship was established in 1993 to help outstanding MHS music students who plan to pursue the study of music in college.  As a teacher, Jim's primary objective was to instill a love of music & this scholarship will, hopefully, help someone become a teacher of music  

Funded by Andrew & Judith Economos (Class of 1955), a $5,000.00 STEM Scholarship will be awarded to an academically outstanding Manatee High School senior with demonstrated interest in STEM related fields and activities seeking to pursue higher education in a STEM field.

Funded by Andrew and Judith Economos (Class of 1955), a $5,000.00 Liberal Arts Scholarship will be awarded to an academically outstanding Manatee High Senior with demonstrated interest in Liberal Arts including but not limited to the following majors: Economics; Education; Art; Humanities; English; History; Psychology.


NOTE:   The applications for each scholarship can be found in the drop down menu under the Scholarships Tab right under our name at the top of this page.  

The Manatee High School Alumni Association
is Honored to Present the 2021 recipients of 
The Andrew & Judith Economos, 
The  Jeanne McMullen Parrish and The MHS Alumni
Scholorship Funds  

2021 - Balzer, Kaylene Grayce.jpeg

Kaylene Grace Balzer - Florida Gulf Coast University

2021 - Blair, Natalie.jpg

Natalie M. Blair - University of Central FL

2021 - Bokelmann, Andrew - Hall of Fame Photo.jpg

Andrew James Bokelmann - University of Florida 

2021, Bradow, Sierra Marie.jpg
2021 - Burt, Madison.jpg
2021 - Cucci, Mary Grace .jpg
2021 - Goudette, Manelly Anne.jpeg
2021 - Love, Isabella.JPG

Madison Elizabeth Burt - University of Florida 

Mary Grace Cucci - University of Central Florida 

Manelly Anne Goudette - State College of Florida 

2021 - Mahurin, Tessa.jpg
2021 - Poole, Jenissa Imani.jpg
2021 - Smith, Sadie June.jpeg

Tessa Kate Mahurin - University of Central Florida 

Jenissa Imani Poole - Florida Gulf Coast University

Sadie June Smith - Florida Gulf Coast University 

Sierra Marie Bradow - University of Florida 

Isabella Love - University of Central Florida