Nominees to the Manatee High School Athletics Hall of Honor shall be selected based upon the following criteria in the following categories:


The nominee, if an alumnus/alumna, must have graduated at least ten (10) years prior to nomination.


STUDENT ATHLETE: Any person, who distinguished himself/herself in the field of athletics while a student at Manatee High School. Criteria considerations should include All-State recognition, All-American recognition, Pro selection, outstanding college accomplishments, and college scholarship recipient or collegiate participant. Other considerations may be taken into account but may not take the place of the above criteria.


COACH: Any coach with at least five years of service at Manatee High School and 15 years of coaching experience. The nominee must be inactive for one (1) academic year prior to nomination to be eligible for consideration. Criteria consideration should be based on accomplishments that merit statewide recognition as well as significant contributions to the athletic programs at Manatee High School.


CONTRIBUTOR (Administrators, Athletic Administrators, Volunteers, Boosters, and Fans): An individual who has made outstanding contributions to the interscholastic athletic programs at Manatee High School other than coaching and playing.


LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT: Any person who competed and lettered in a recognized sport while at Manatee High School whom after graduation has made a substantial and meaningful impact on the local, state, national or global level is eligible for nomination. This category should be reserved for those who have made a lasting impact in their chosen field.


TEAM: Any team that had an outstanding achievement such as a state title.


Inductees into MHS Athletic Hall of Honor

must be nominated to be considered. 

2020 Class - Athletic Hall of Honor

Walter "Kay" Jamison - Class of 1942 - Student Athlete

Ryan "Buster Hardy - Class of 1960 - Student Athlete

Richard Trapp - Class of 1964 - Student Athlete

Phillip Upton - Coach/Contributor

E. James Forssell - Contributor

Dave Bristow - Contributor

1956 Varsity Football Team

1997/98 Girls Soccer Team

2019 Class - Athletic Hall of Honor 

Mildred Emmelheinz "Miss E" - Class of 1932 - Contributor

George Wallace - Class of 1957 - Student Athlete

Gary Trapp - Class of 1963 - Student Athlete

Tracy Sanders - Class of 1984 - Student Athlete

Thierry Chau - Class of 1988 - Student Athlete

1975/1976 Boy's Basketball Team 


2018 Class - Athletic Hall of Honor 

John "Jack" Joseph Egan - Class of 1950 - Student Athlete

Chuck Howard - Class of 1986 - Student Athlete
Mike Kelly - Coach - Being inducted posthumously
Ed Mahoney - Class of 1963 - Student Athlete
Debbie Smith - Class of 1985 - Student Athlete
Debbie Crowe - MHS Contributor (owner of Shake Pit)
1995/1996 Men's Soccer Team

2017 Class - Athletic Hall of Honor  

Bill Anderson - MCHS Class of 1954

George Henderson - MCHS Class of 1957

Lloyd Koehler - MHS Class of 1960

Roger Pettee - MHS Class of 1961

Sandra Hudson Rocklein - MHS Class of 1979

Stephen Peebles - MHS Class of 1984

Chandra Howard Moore - MHS Class of 1988

Willie Taggart - MHS Class of 1994

1955 Western Conference Championship Football Team

1955 State Championship Track Team

2016 Class - Athletic Hall of Honor

Charles Jones - Student Athlete - MCHS Class of 1948

Robert Edward "Ed" Culpepper - Student Athlete - MCHS Class of 1951

Joe Kinnan - Coach - Class of 1963

Henry Lawrence - Student Athlete - Class of 1970

James Griffith - Student Athlete - Class of 1971

Trevor Kronemann - Student Athlete - Class of 1986

Tommie Frazier - Student Athlete - MHS Class of 1991

Elizabeth Lopacki - Student Athlete - Class of 1994

Wheeler Leeth - Coach

Eddie Shannon - Coach/Contributor

1915 Undefeated Football Team

1947 South Florida Conference Championship Football Team

1963 State Championship Baseball Team

1983 State Championship Football Team


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